Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Geo-Information systems (CG&GIS Lab) is the oldest Department laboratory. It was formed in 1991 as a research laboratory of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of University of Niš, with significant support of EI Bull HN and EI Informatika organizations.

The research conducted by the members of Laboratory is focused on geo-information science, information systems, software engineering, computer graphics systems and systems for data and knowledge management. Considerable results in recent years are related to areas such as interoperability, semantic information integration, ontology, sensor web, mobile/Web information systems, location based systems and context-aware services, virtual reality, e systems, security and protection of information.

Besides a large number of projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, the Laboratory has also had important projects of cooperation with the economy sector, within which specialized information systems have been developed and successfully applied in public enterprises and state institutions. With the application of current technologies, systems that can be executed in distributed environment as standalone applications, Web and mobile applications have been implemented.

At the moment the Laboratory has 3 active projects in the area of Technological development, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, as well as several projects of cooperation with the economy sector. Partners in realization and users of the implemented systems of these projects are the Army of the Republic of Serbia, South East company, Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia, while in the earlier projects those were the Army of Yugoslavia (since 1993), Telekom Serbia (from 1995), the Ministry of the Republic of Serbia and the Local Government (Niš, Vranje, Rakovica). The members of the Laboratory have also been involved in realization of several international projects within TEMPUS, COST and FP5 programs.

Among former and present members of the Laboratory nine of them hold the PhD degree. The laboratory today has 18 researchers of which 12 are active members – teachers and associates of the Department (4 PhDs and 4 masters), 2 lab technicians, and 4 young researchers as Ministry of Science’s scholarship holders.

In the last 5 years members of the Laboratory have published more than 100 scientific papers – chapters in monographs, in top international journals, in proceedings of international and national conferences.

Since 2004, the Laboratory has been a member of European Association of GIS Laboratories AGILE (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe), whose goal is promoting research and education in the field of geo-information sciences.